Nume: GOGILTAN Florin

Tema: Patrimoniul istoric şi artistic din România – Valori ale patrimoniului cultural european

Partener: Academia Română – Filiala Cluj a Academiei Române, Istitutul de Arheologie şi Istoria Artei – Academia Germană pentru protecţia monumentelor, Görlitz

Proiect: Huge Earthworks of the Bronze Age in the Lower Mureş Region

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Huge Earthworks of the Bronze Age in the Lower Mureş Region

Together with the religious and funerary constructions, the earthworks are the most representative monuments of the past. When their dimensions are impressive and the architectural complexity exceptional, their presence marks the landscape of the national and world heritage.

In the last ten years, my research interest focused on the study and understanding the huge Bronze Age earthworks. Generally, these constitute some of the major sources of information in the reconstruction of societies that did not know the writing. The dominant characteristics of these types of habitats in the South-Eastern area of Central Europe namely the defensive elements with their complex construction techniques, seem to have been lost when the civilization that created them disappeared. However, beginning with the year 2007, the archaeological excavations in the most important earthworks of the European prehistory uncovered a large number of surprising elements and new information concerning the life of the people who lived in such settlements. It is important to underline that the exploration and interpretation of these first results is just at its beginnings. Therefore, the most important goal of this project is to increase the existing information and introduce it to the whole scientific world.